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Is “sustainability” propaganda or in desperate need of publicity?

How can we meet the needs of our present while depriving of the future generation’s needs? Everyone wearing clothes already participates in a fashion footprint, luckily we can combat our fashion footprints but first, we need to understand what it is.

Wearing fast fashion is “cool” and hip, but polluting isn’t.

The fashion industry is officially the 2nd main polluter and taking 1st place is the oil industry (SustainYourStyle, 2014).
How does fashion industries pollute?
  1. They dump toxic wastewaters of textiles into rivers (SustainYourStyle, 2014).
  2. Water is contaminated and evaporated by fertilizers used for cotton productions (SustainYourStyle, 2014).
  3. Massive quantities of freshwater are being contaminated by the dyeing of clothes (SustainYourStyle, 2014).
  4. Microfibers are being released into our water by washing synthetic garments (SustainYourStyle, 2014).
  5. Clothing items that are synthetic fibers are thrown away but are not biodegradable (SustainYourStyle, 2014).  
We can battle our fashion footprints by:
  1. Choosing natural fibers and buying quality over quantity when shopping (SustainYourStyle, 2014).  
  2. Choose sustainable fashion brands.
  3. Choose fibers that don’t pollute the soil (SustainYourStyle, 2014).  
  4. Washing clothes only when needed.
  5. Washing clothing at a low temperature will decrease microfibers (SustainYourStyle, 2014).  
Do you want to see what your fashion footprint is? Calculate it on this website: 


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