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Your fashion is either a pass or a crash, let’s jump in and make a splash.

Hi, my name is Amber Botha!

I am a nineteen (19) year old Fashion Media student at LISOF (now known as Stadio Design), my campus is located in Hatfield, Pretoria. I ride an off-road motorcycle (eww mud… I know!) and also enjoy art. I honestly fell in love with fashion after watching Gossip Girl and just wanted to live in the upper East-side and wear couture after that series.

So let’s get down to business, I never truly knew what I wanted to do after school and would always just say that I wanted to be an interior designer or so because I wasn’t sure what to study. Currently, I am studying Fashion Media which is so exciting because I get to learn about fashion through my subjects such as Fashion media, Styling, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, etc. Oh and don’t forget that I love shopping!!!

Task 6: Style Report

How to dress fashionably like Leandie Du Randt ( a fashion icon and creator of her own fashion brand) : Search for a graphic tee shirt (preferably white).Put on that maxi skirt you keep in your closet.Find some white Adidas sneakers to go with the look.Accessorize with a bulky rectangular sun-glass This outfit is perfect…

How to identify Sustainable clothing with featured articles.

Young adults and teenagers are starting to shop more at retailers who are selling sustainable clothes rather than fast fashion clothing due to them acknowledging the clothing waste fashion industries dump each year (Spedding, 2020). Now how certain can you be about a fashion brand being sustainable? Here are a few articles on how you…

How does sustainable clothing look like you ask?

The pact is a sustainable clothing brand that retails feminine clothing such as adult apparel, dresses, underwear, etc., and is originally based in Boulder, Co (The Good Trade, 2020). Here are a few examples of how organic cotton clothing looks like:                                                           Essential Sweatshirt Pact. 2020. Essential Sweatshirt [Online image]. Available at: [Accessed 29…